Predestination (2014)


John J. Falco
Dec 20, 2014
New Jersey
Did anybody see this time-bending sleeper? From the promotional materials it looks like an action packed time travel flick, but that's not all it is. My friend turned me onto this movie and it had just about everything I wanted in a movie wrapped up in a cool time travel paradox with twists and turns around every corner. Although some of them are a bit obvious once you get what's happening.

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Totally underrated movie in my opinion.

I watched it a couple of years ago with my girlfriend and was drawn in completely. Very well done and totally recommended.
One of my favorite SF movies of the last few years. It's better when you watch it multiple times, and catch all the things you missed the first time through.
Does everyone here know this is an adaptation of Robert Heinlein's "All You Zombies" ?
Short Story published in 1959. One could not use that title now days. Heinlein wrote a very compact and clever time machine time paradox story. The Spierig brothers made this film in Australia. It may be the best adaptation of work of science fiction ever! TV or movies. This short story is only about 12 pages long, yet everything in the Heinlein story is in the film story. The Spierig brothers did a smart script , even tho they had to elaborate some the whole story is very crisp. Great performances by Ethan Hawke and new comer Sarah Snook. I think hardly anyone saw this film, yet it is one of the10 best SF films ever made.

I watched this today. There was a paradox I don't get at all, but I enjoyed it.
If you read the Heinlein story you'll see that Heinlein was creating a self referential time paradox.
The whole story is a clever troll of sorts.
(And a humorous jab a time travel stories.)
It is interesting the prime character is a person who never existed, does not exist in the present nor will ever exist!!
It brings the thought that this would make a clever TV series. A Time Agent like that would have a god-like identity!

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