Help Needed: Can you name this Author


Jan 26, 2018
This "Noir Prophet" changed the meaning of the following terms and words in his series of four books: Coffin, Matrix, SIN, Black ICE, Sprawl.
What is his name? What is the name of the series? What is this author's most current book called?
I'm rather assuming that you want to find one of these books, so I'll move this over to Book Search, but there might be a better chance of our members helping you if you could recall any further details eg how long ago you read the relevant book, or what happened by way of plot.
could easily be William Gibson though not sure about a current series he is working on Agency according to last report.
Could not tell you if that is defined as a new series of ONE.
He has trilogies so series of four books seems like a trick question.

This was the author I was looking for thanks! :D
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