Star Trek - Discovery - 1.10: Despite Yourself

Well it’s the first episode of sc-fi that’s run to 6 pages of discussion in a long time - for mainly good reasons. So they must be doing something right!

I must be weird, I love reading all your hypothesising, your ifs buts and maybes. But actually just wanna watch the show and see what happens.

Trek - still going strong, that’s a lot of years!
Believe it or not, before the Internet, groups of people gathered at their favorite places and hypothesized, and discussed ifs buts and maybes about Star Trek (and other shows)! :D
I have never been a great fan of mirror universes, because I always got painfully stressed that they will be stuck there. Still, both the evil Spock, and the way they pushed forward the events in ST: Discovery was worth the stress :) Even more so, as the other Filipa was the most badass definition of badass ever! :)