THE GODDESS PROJECT in Fantasy-Faction's Top 50 Fantasy Books of 2017!

The Bluestocking

Bloody Mary in Blue
Feb 20, 2014
The Afterlife
@Jo Zebedee 's Waters and the Wild is in there, too. :)

It's also good to see both The Goddess Project - and We Are Legion (We Are Bob) - coming up as favourite reads among chrons members here: 2017 Reads - Your Best and Worst

I do like it to see our writers getting praise. :)
So - do these things have any impact? Well I saw a spike of to-read adds on GR, a few sales and lots of SM shares etc.

The last night as I was about to toddle off to bed someone popped The Goddess Project up on FF as bought on the back of the list and asked if anyone had read it. I said I had and meh ... (joking! Joking! I told them Bryan is a Writing God!) and shared it. Since then two other people have bought it with a few others interested.

So yes. Absolutely. These things help :)

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