I am using the Godchecker to test my theory that an entire swathe of ancient Gods was suppressed/removed from all pantheons, for whatever reasons.

The Horizon Gods - back when early humans made gods of whatever they could see but not explain (eg: Gods of the sun, moon, storms, etc etc) the horizon gods were of course part of that - the horizon being eternally unreachable.

Suspicion of strangers/incomers/outsiders/differentness/anyone unusual in some way would have meant The Horizon Gods were protectors/guardians of such people.
But also the wise men, shamanic types, oracles, mystics and so on, those who were consulted for special insights or knowledge - I wonder if most of them were from elsewhere. A village shaman wouldn’t have as much ‘hold’ on the villagers if they all remembered him/her as a child (“that’s just Little Jimmy, really”) so perhaps as they grew up and sought a life of mystic oracledom they left their home villages where everyone remembered Little Jimmy and wandered away beyond The Horizon, eventually reaching a far distant village just at the right time when a wise outsider was needed.

Anyway, that’s my theory. Checking the godchecker site, it says there are no Horizon Gods, no gods of difference or strangeness or outsiders or being unusual. And thus adding weight to my thinking they were all later suppressed , and here’s my guess - a village community builds around a church/temple/holy site , it’s all based on place and location, so after several generations the villagers were “always local” and most didn’t look kindly upon outsiders and wandering weirdos who had come from the horizon nobody could ever get to.

Either that, or the original Horizon Gods also invented time travel and collectively disappeared into the future when people will be more tolerant of outsiders and differentness.
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