(Found) Looking for a Fantasy Title, 1980's


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Dec 18, 2017

I am looking for a Series of books from the 1980's. Fantasy Series.

About a Female swordsman. Name Raven/Rayven, I'm sure the Series had the name Raven in the titles or Series Title. Tall Blond woman, with a pet Raven, sometimes a wolf was on the cover. She had black Furs, and leather armor on. The book covers where a grey or silver theme. Pretty Sure the publisher DelRay, But don't quote me.

I remember a war horse, don't remember if it was Black or White.

Sorry I know it's not much to go on. Best I can offer.
Must be the Raven: Swordmistress of Chaos books by Richard Kirk (this was actually a pseudonym for a few different authors, I think Robert Holdstock might have been one.) You'll never see covers like those again. They're long out of print though so good luck finding copies.

your awesome, that's exactly it. I've been missing books 1 and 5. they appear to be on sale on Amazon.com for used prices which I might consider. Thank you sir!

There's actually 2 sets of covers. Ones from the 70's and I guess the reprints in the late 80's. I have a couple of the reprints.