The Cinder Chronicles - book 3 - Sand Rangers out now!


SF Author M R Mortimer
Apr 17, 2011
The Frying Pan
I'm thrilled to tell you that my third book in The Cinder Chronicles, which concludes the Rangers Trilogy, is now available on kindle!

Series information and links to the first two books can be found at

Thanks for reading!

Sand Rangers is the third book in The Cinder Chronicles, and the thrilling conclusion to the Rangers Trilogy.

Symin, Ranger Scout and trusted academy advisor, leads our young heroes on an expedition to the desert city Horde, intent on unraveling the mysterious origins of Cinder. Along the way, the rangers will also uncover the secret truth of the flames, causing them to question who they are, and what they might become.

What other secrets have been hidden?

Treghan, Corilai, Marni and Fletcher will finally learn the truth of their world.