Larry Niven's website


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Nov 21, 2017
The following is not criticism; I've enjoyed his work. But.

Is he still doing the chats? I wrote to one of the administrators and got no reply, and I wondered why not. The chats archive only goes to 2014.

I clicked on links on his website; the home page touts an anthology published 2 years ago.

I clicked on the tabs "Larry Niven" News, Writings, Universes and About, and got the 404 message.

Am I supposed to log in or something?

I know he's almost 80 years old. I hope he's well.

On another topic entirely, does anybody else notice any resemblance with Trump/Putin and the beginnings of the CoDominium series? Did Niven and Pournelle posit anything about the details of how the CoDominium got started? Could it have had something to do with a billionaire president being friendly with Russian oligarchs?

This is not an excuse for political debate; only a discussion of Niven and Pournelle's writings.


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