Body Politic by Paul Johnston

Danny McG

Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
This was the first in a series of books and was published in the late nineties.
Set in what was then a quarter of a century away in 2020's Edinburgh.

Quint Dalrymple is an ex City Custodian (police) who now works in park maintenance but uses his old skills as a private detective, mainly to help find missing persons.

Following drug wars and widespread anarchy violence "The Enlightenment" took place some years previously. Basically the civil authorities and police seized power and formed an independent city state. Other cities/regions followed suit and restored order throughout Scotland.

Quint is called back to the Custodians due to the murder of a woman in the watch, the murder is very similar to a case he once worked as a cop.
In the impoverished city no private cars or computers are allowed.

Sex tourists come from overseas to take advantage of the poverty in city run brothels. Seditious music is banned. (Blues especially - so obviously our protagonist has a secret collection!)

The story follows his hunt for the killer through the seedy streets and into the high power politics. Dystopian "near future" (very near nowadays, outdated really) story. Good back story that forms part of the plot. Four decent to read sequels follow.

NOTE: I was inspired to do this mini review following the question below posted by Toby Frost. I answered and then did a search through the site but couldn't find anything about this series!

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I asked this question in the 'fictional car' link posted above as well..
Is there anyone in Chronicles (apart from me!) who has read any of theQuint Dalrymple books?

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