Congrats! How did you publish something when you were 13?

Your avatar seems familiar. Are you on AW?

I signed up with a local publisher, and my parents acted as the guardians for legal things. Things got messy afterwards when I earned out and royalties were supposed to appear, but that's a long and unpleasant story, and the jist of it is: in this industry there's a lot of people who will prey on vulnerable creatives, and when actual children are involved they are especially stealthy and especially cruel.

I don't recommend anyone get deep into the industry until they're legally of-age, and in full control of their fate.

I am indeed on AW! I hang out there a lot, made some wonderful friends there.

(Puts kettle on and sits whistling while wondering if his sycophantic flattery will see a free eBook whizzing his way)

Heh, it's a long way from 'actually a real book' stage yet, I'm afraid, so I've got no ebooks to send!

These are interesting. You must of done something in between 2016 & 2017 to get noticed. Or you just messaged the right agent at the right time. Notice almost 50 queries in 2016 but not offers. Only 20 in 2017 and 2 offers! 6 Requests... So cool.

In between 2016 and 2017, I listened to lots of feedback from both beta readers and agents and REVISED REVISED REVIIIISEEED. I do big tear-it-up-and-start-again revisions, so it was quite the overhaul.

But yeah, a lot of it is timing, and for the 2017 round having an offer really changed things: agents got a lot faster at responding, and the more competitive ones (sometimes newer agents, sometimes hungrier pros) took an increased interest while the busy ones with strong client lists were turned off by the rush.

Getting an offer has quite the polarising affect on your subs, it was a weird week.

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