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May 19, 2005
Hope you are all doing well- Heres my question! If the Gods smiled down on us and sent us a film adaptation of a DG novel which book would you pick and who would you cast in the main roles?
I would say Moring Star cause its awsome, I would cast Toby Maguire as Owen, Arnold Schwartzanager (sp?) as Piercollo, phillip seymore hoffman as Wulf and, Collin Ferrel as Jarek Mace.
i think i would choose Winter warriors, as it doesn't contain the big characters like druss and waylander that are in many books, i dont think anyone could pull off Druss well, I don't know about all the characters and who would play who though. Maybe Jeremy Irons as Kebra?
I think Gemmell's books will come over better in movie than trying to read them :)
I would love 2 c legend done as a film i think it would be brilliant and not just because of the huge battle scenes but also for the smaller things happening 2 the people during this huge battle.I've got 2 agree though i can't think of any actor who could bring druss 2 life.any idea's any1?.
Obviously Legend woul;d be the first choice but I would also like to see the Rigante series made into a movie.
It certainly would be a great movie, that's for sure.

I wouldn't go and watch it for the simple fact that I already have an image in my mind of what Druss looks like, the sound of his voice and his mannerisms. So for me, it would be a disappointment.:(

Fine if you haven't read any of the books, you have no preconceived ideas.

I can't think of an actor who could take on the role of Druss, bringing out his sometimes rather weird traits.:eek:
I think that Morning Star would be a good choice because it is a book which is alone - it is not in a series and so if this film works then Gemmell's other series could be made.
I think the rigante series. But i think they would change my image of it. Nothing would be like it normally is and they would cut all the scenese i like just like it LOTR.
To be honest it's a tie between wolf in Shadow with Scott Glenn as Jon Shannow and Clint Eastwood as Daniel Cade and Legend with Brian Blessed as Druss
Personally, I'd probably prefer it if Gemmell wrote an original screen play with all new characters and cast it himself.

If they made films of any of his books, I'd watch them but I'm sure I'd be dissapointed.
for druss i think that he would have to be quite short. probably about 5'10"ish he'd have to be really stocky but more bunched muscle than ripped and his voice would have to be low and commanding and does anyone else agree that he sounds a little scottish, he does say laddie alot?!?! good luck finding that character
It would have to be waylander or legend. Also i think the rigante books would be brilliant as well. Though i would rather not see them as films. I mean look what happened with LOTR, Jackson editing/changing/moving/inventing things to 'appeal to the masses'. You can visualise it so much better by yourself reading, it's your interpretation. Movies are about watching somebody elses interoretation, it's just never as good.
Yeah, books are always better than the movie, imo. If a DG book was done for the screen it would have to be Legend to start with I think. Theres a thousand reasons why. And someone else might have a thousand reasons why not. So, always better to read the book instead. Cant argue with what the author describes for you. And you cant so quickly dislike a character in a book because of how they look: you dont know how they look. By the time you think you know what they look like youre in some way attached to the character, you know the person, so its a whole different ball-game :)

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