FWD/TWD crossover.

I have to agree with the actors that a crossover is not a good idea. It seems like somethign they can do than something that would improve either story. There is a different feel to both series. I would hope a character from Fear would appear on the main series as I wouldn't want the great Fear the Walking Dead being spoilt by someone spouting about Alexandria or tigers. But one character passing through for a couple of episodes could work. The two general locations are far apart considering the various car and Walking Dead blocked routes.
I hope it's Strand fleeing Madison's madness. He is an outsider to Clark's dysfunctional family.
It could be earlier in TWD story arc, one of the characters could join forces with Fear before leaving to enter Rick's world.

I see what you mean, but I don't see how because TWD's characters are mostly dead and there aren't many missing. Not even in the TV series. Thing is, there is going to be a time-jump at the end of this season of TWD as there was one in the comics. It's a multi-year jump that could set both seasons in same timeline and allow characters to mix between both series.
Maybe that girlfriend of Nick's could wander through to Atlanta somehow? Though wouldn't really be an interesting crossover.
Based on recent Fear events it seems Proctor John, and perhaps the main family if he catches them, will go to Houston. So they could meet Abraham there before he goes on his road trip.
OK, I think I’m ready to say it now: Fear The Walking Dead is now a better show than The Walking Dead. I never thought I’d ever say that, not even in jest.

It’s pretty apparent that the Walking Dead juggernaut has been visibly spluttering and clunking for a few years now. Its scuffs, dust, dents and rust – always there, but easier to ignore or discount in the beginning – have spread and multiplied.

Despite bright highlights like JSS and Here’s Not Here, season six was the point at which the rough really started to outshine the diamonds. By season seven, there were no diamonds. Not even coal. Just dust. The first licks of the Negan storyline were unforgivably bungled. The trash people were rubbish. The tiger was ridiculous, especially her ability to differentiate between multiple groups of humans, and only eat the baddies. Negan himself was a bandy-hipped tap-dancer who failed to convince as a villain.
Is Fear The Walking Dead now better than The Walking Dead?
There is no doubt that Fear the Walking Dead the last two years has been better than Walking Dead. Though it would be closer if comparing the first 3 seasons of both side by side. I think Fear had a weaker first season but 2 and 3 were slightly better than WD.
TWD had to establish rules for the Kirkman's world. But it was Fear's team who took those rules and went town with their ideas. So everything that took time in the original series was already established in the audience mind. It is the liberation of ideas that comes next as the producers fast abandoned Kirkman's lines, and pushed whole Fear agenda with the dead.

Strand, Nick and Alicia are alive!!!

There's a major change coming to The Walking Dead universe! Lennie James, who has played Morgan Jones since the series premiere, is taking his talents to another series. At the end of Season 8, Morgan will leave The Walking Dead, and he will appear as a series regular in the fourth season of Fear the Walking Dead.

James reported to the Fear set in Austin, Texas on Monday morning, where he began his first day shooting on his new project. To celebrate, AMC streamed a live video from the set on Monday afternoon, where fans got their first look at Morgan in his new surroundings. Additionally, the network released two official photos from the location.

The first image released shows Lennie James at his first table read for Fear the Walking Dead Season 4. Sitting beside new co-stars Frank Dillane, Colman Domingo and Alycia Debnam Carey, James is seen combing through a brand new script. The other image shows James near a trailer, talking with showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg.
AMC Unveils First Look at Lennie James on 'Fear the Walking Dead' Set

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