OCTOBER 2017 -- 75 Word Writing Challenge -- READ FIRST POST!

  1. Joshua Jones

    Joshua Jones Well-Known Member

    Apr 6, 2017
    Out of the Frying Pan…

    Elizabeth sniffed the air, scanning the horizon. The sea was still, but something wasn’t quite right. She readied her harpoon.

    The deep erupted in a swarm of tentacles. Before she could shout “Kraken!”, Elizabeth was underwater. She stabbed the cephalopod and surfaced, gulping air.

    Another abomination emerged, maliciously draining the ocean. Elizabeth, back onboard the Acheron, stared defiantly at the beast.

    Then, it spoke.

    “Pick up your toys, Elizabeth. Bath time is over.”

    “But Mom…”
  2. Vaz

    Vaz We're in the pipe, five by five.

    Jun 7, 2015
    Liverpool, United Kingdom
    The Last Song

    All Sea's sing differently.

    The Blessed Sea sings bitter sweet, like the calling of drowning Siren's.

    The song of the Splinter Sea is harsh, like the strings of a broken harp.

    Rohan savoured the salted song of the Blessed Sea. It's bitter notes filled her bones with a warmth only home could bring.

    The whip stripped away the moment.

    Did the sea's by the slaver's shore's sing?
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  3. Brev

    Brev Well-Known Member

    Jan 16, 2011
    A Dragon Slayer's Logic

    Sword ready, he stood, resolute at the helm.

    He'd chartered ship and crew in Durrwent Harbour and after stopping for water, supplies and illicit recreation at World's End Port they'd sailed into the unknown.

    Three weeks due west with no sign of land; the crew grew restless.

    ''We'll fall of the edge!''

    But he'd vowed to slay a Dragon and there were none in the known world.

    ''Onward!'' He'd continue. With or without the crew.
  4. paranoid marvin

    paranoid marvin Run VT Erroll!

    Mar 9, 2007
    'Ware the Kraken (A sea shanty)

    Oh solar winds off the starboard blow

    wake up my lads, wake up!

    Pierce our ship to it's very soul

    shields up my lads, shields up!

    Oh bulwark's gone and hull's ablaze

    suit up my lads, suit up!

    Captain dead and crew half crazed

    hold up my lads, hold up!

    Oh we're sinking fast, beneath the waves

    breathe up my lads, breathe up!

    All condemned to a wat'ry grave

    game's up my lads, game's up!
  5. Mith

    Mith Confused

    Sep 12, 2011
    Mordor (Oldham)
    Row, Row, Row Your Boat

    The mutiny was bad.


    You put your left oar in, your left oar out,

    In, out, in, out, twizel it about,

    You move the boat forward with lots of sound,

    ‘Cause that’s what it’s all about…

    He. Would. Not. Stop. Singing!

    Teach me for asking for an all singing, all dancing wizard to join the crew.

    Maybe I could pitch him overboard?

    Maybe I would go insane before he started dancing?

    Gods, save me!
  6. Starbeast

    Starbeast Benevolent Galaxy Being

    Mar 11, 2010
    Sinbad and the Isle of Living Horror

    Middle Eastern and Scandinavian men, defeated a grisly zombie horde on the ship's deck.

    "Captain Thogarr. After those unfortunate men's remains are disposed of, we'll pray for their souls."

    "Aye, Captain Sinbad. So many floating dead in the ocean...never did I think they'd climb aboard, and attack us. Tis a bad omen."

    "Means the island is close. Your crew and mine, will destroy this evil."



    "Screams, drums...roaming corpses."

    "Hell, awaits us."

  7. Hugh

    Hugh Well-Known Member

    Mar 27, 2016

    The helmsman has no eyes yet stares fixedly ahead,

    the sea so clear that stars can be seen deep within.

    I am old now, the wreckage of my life behind me, a lifetime on these waves with no sight of land or hint of meaning, all purpose as fathomless as ever.

    Suddenly we reach a shore.

    Everyone who has ever mattered to me is there to welcome me.

    They have not forgotten.

    Finally I remember.
  8. D.A. Xiaolin Spires

    D.A. Xiaolin Spires SFF writer & reader

    Jul 11, 2017
    Taipei, Taiwan
    The Primordial Push

    Analyn zipped her windbreaker, covering her neck as the storm hit. The motor shot; smoke rose. She coughed. Waves raged against her boat; her legs shook at every blow.

    Light glinted two arm lengths away. She reached, delirious. A hand, manicured like hers, pulled her in.

    She rode the cosmic seas, shedding years like a snake sheds skin.

    She awoke, ejected in a swell from her mother’s womb. Maternal caress, milk and a familiar face.
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  9. Clockworkbot

    Clockworkbot Well-Known Member

    Nov 5, 2015
    The Deep Plain

    On the fifth day, the sinking stopped, and the ship met a rocky halt. The Captain mustered his courage, leaning over the bulwark into the salty mist.

    Below, nests of coral supported the hull in bony branch-fingers; beyond, an obscene expanse of sand, dotted with the flapping shapes of stranded fish, stretched skywards.

    ‘Well, boys,’ he said, winking to the mass of mariners huddled around the mast, ‘I hope you wore your walking boots’.
  10. johnnyjet

    johnnyjet Western PA High Tech Country Boy

    Nov 11, 2011
    Upon This Marble Sea

    A curse was cast upon Captain Haba from the dying alien as he directed his crew to scour the strange vessel for treasures.

    Later, after many days of rough weather, the sea became as calm as a sheet of glass. Gradually it evolved into a beautiful, multi-hued slab of marble.

    Now, his ship immobile upon this marble sea, the captain sat cross-legged in his cabin happily frolicking among his sparkling, worthless treasures.
  11. Teresa Edgerton

    Teresa Edgerton Goblin Princess Staff Member

    Nov 1, 2004
    Where Late the Mermaids Sang

    They hauled her aboard in a net, flopping wetly on the deck, blue scales gleaming.

    “She’ll fetch a fortune! Stow her in the hold.”

    “Pretty thing. It seems a pity—“

    “Nonsense! They don’t feel things the way we do.”

    Five days, and the Captain was raving. Seven, the men began to suicide.

    They drew lots. The losers, trembling, carried her and threw her over the side.


    A year later, the Captain died in a madhouse.

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