Terrible Writing Advice


Jan 23, 2017
Willamette Valley, OR, US
Interesting way to deliver backhanded advice. :) I for one don't ignore my inner critic. I do ignore my inner arguer and hater who says my work is complete garbage and will never get published. I do keep the inner critic tamped down while writing, and then let it completely off the leash when editing, to the tune of already having 30,000 words from my WIP. That's okay - it was throat clearing and world building and the story barely changed when they were gone. :cool:

However I am paranoid about sharing my ideas. Yes, someone will come along and tell me that nothing I've though of is actually that special, and no one will steal the ideas because they've already been thought of, and everyone writes differently so it won't matter even if they do.

No thanks.:poop:

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