Killjoys 2.10: How to Kill Friends and Influence People


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May 27, 2013
2.10 How to Kill Friends and Influence People
**Dale Carnegie turns in his grave**


It took two full seasons to get there, but Khlyen finally proved he was one of the good guys. Then, he died.

It was a touching moment between Dutch and her father figure as he made the supreme sacrifice to save the Quad from his own people and their impressively wicked-looking ships.

The green plasma has been neutralized throughout the system, even inside the Level Sixes -- without apparent ill effect, other than losing their immortality. Fancy's self-diagnosis that he had resumed being a "regular a**h**e" was funny.

Also funny was Lucy informing John that she could not put on her dancing shoes because she is a spaceship and does not have feet. Last week, it was pants. Future running gag?

Lots of possibilities were raised by D'Avin and Dutch taking off to find Dutch's evil twin, Aneela; and John and new companion, Clara (not Oswald) heading out in Khlyen's old ship to give John "space" to recover from losing Pawter.

At least John got a little closure by gut-shooting Delle Seyah. Unfortunately, she was still breathing when he left the scene. I suspect we might see this durable villain again.

I appreciated Syfy's confirmation that the show will get a third season.


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Jan 5, 2001
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I wondered how Khlyen would prove he was one of the good guys, but his explanation still seems contrived.

I did expect the Level Sixes to have died, not to just lose their ability to heal. I guess it would be too easy for them to win without any Level Sixes.

I'm not keen on the Lucy being funny running gag, I'm afraid.

I agree, this was a big changing of the guard in respect to characters, but done very well, with characters returning that were planted a very long time ago.

I thought that Delle Seyah was dead. We may see her again, but there are plenty of other members of the Nine families around to play evil queen.


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Nov 6, 2008
A great episode and a great cliff hanger. (The vault setting reminded me somewhatof Farscape's "Liars, Guns and Money".) I'll start watching season 3 next week.

Given the religious texts, what impact will the death of the tree have on the Scarbacks?

I though Lucy's deadpan delivery of not having feet was pretty funny. Good to see that she still has a thing for John too.

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