Can't Remember Title of Sci-fi Book Set in Digital Reality

Sep 26, 2017
Hello there, fellow book lovers!

I find myself in a bit of pickle, one that even mighty Google cannot help me with, so I turn to you.

I'm trying to remember the title of science fiction book set in (I think) Seattle. The premise is that there's a digital world people can pay a lot of money to live in. Their bodies will be taken care of in meatspace while their minds get to hang out in a digital wonderland. True, people have to purchase different "ad packages" that affect what ads you'll see in the digital world (if any), but by and large, your money goes farther there.

I only remember bits and pieces, so here are a few fragments that I hope you'll find helpful:

--I'm fairly certain the book was written rather recently. (Post-2000, or so.)
--A boy lives in the digital world in what's essentially Dante's Inferno. Near the end of the novel, he helps get his poor grandmother a place in the digital world too.
--One character is a father who constantly worries that he won't be able to afford an expensive package for his family to go to the digital world. Near the end of the novel, he gets access to a "switcheroo" device that allows him and his wife to switch bodies.
--One major plot revelation is that net-citizens' bodies are being used for manual labor without the permission of their owners (which is why it's difficult/impossible for people to migrate out of the digital world).


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