Help!! Trying to find a book about transferring brain/consciousness to a new body!!

Sep 25, 2017
I read this book about 7ish years ago and don't remember the name of it and it would be so helpful if someone new what it was called or gave me any info about it!!

So basically it's about this like scientist who tries to find a way to like make people's minds live on after death and tried to transfer their mind and brain over to a different body that can support it. So like it's the same person but with a different face and body. Anyways so he has 2 daughters and a wife and stuff and his oldest daughter like is dying in a car accident and he does this experiment to try and save her. It works but like nothing in her life is the same. Like everyone turns on her and is like wtf you're not the girl we knew before you're an abomination and should have died
Her sister was a bitch. She was like no you're not my sister coz my real sister is dead and stuff And the girls ex boyfriend was dating her sister at this point and when the girl tried to confront her she was like "I have to become the person you were before because of the whole you left".

Not sure if this description is good enough but any info would be helpful!!


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Nov 10, 2008
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I don't read much YA so I can't help with identifying this one, but I'll move the thread over to Book Search where our more learned denizens live in the hope they may be able to help you.


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Sep 9, 2016
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Am I to understand that he has put his eldest daughters mind into a donor body?.
Is that what you mean?
Or has he abducted some girl and implanted a mind into her?

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