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Toby Frost

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Jan 22, 2008
Slightly random question, but does anyone know any science fictional car manufacturers? I'm thinking of mass-produced civilian cars, so not any military vehicles, one-offs like the Batmobile or modified existing cars like Mad Max's Interceptor.

So far, I can think of:

Durango 95 (A Clockwork Orange)
Mirov 2 (1998 British TV advert, featuring an imaginary Soviet sportscar)
Corvega (Fallout computer games)

Does anyone know any others?

I'm just about at the end of Dan Simmon's Hyperion at the moment, and I believe there is a make of car in there - he mentions an 'ancient' Vikken
In the 'Quint Dalrymple' book series by Paul Johnston (set in a near future independent city-state of Edinburgh) the city forms an alliance with South America.
Very soon afterwards they are importing a car brand named Llama.

Anyone else in here ever read any of these?
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