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Chrons Dublin and Belfast cluster meet -2019


Delusions of Grammar
Aug 3, 2014
Ballynahinch, County Down
I forgot to say that apart from literature night, this is my schedule for TitanCon. I'm loving their event app, Grenadine, which will hopefully be live soon for Dublin, too.

Medbots, Tricorders, and more
Format: Panel

23 Aug 2019, Friday 12:00 - 13:00, Waterfront (Hilton Belfast)

An SFnal look at the future of medicine.

Catherine Sharp (M), Kerry Buchanan, QelDoQ, G. David Nordley (self employed)

A closer look at Anthologies
Format: Panel

23 Aug 2019, Friday 16:00 - 17:00, Lagan A (Hilton Belfast)

What are the unique characteristics of an anthology? What are the hallmarks of good anthology contribution? What are the tricks to compiling and editing one? All this and more from our panel of experts.

Kerry Buchanan, Ellen Datlow (M), Paul Corcoran, Sarah Murray, Claude Lalumière

Distaff Anthology Launch Event
Format: Meeting

23 Aug 2019, Friday 19:00 - 21:00, Lisburn (Hilton Belfast)

Presenting a new anthology of female-authored SF, co-curated by Titancon's own Jo Zebedee.

Jo Zebedee, Juliana Spink Mills (www.jspinkmills.com ), Kerry Buchanan

Jo Zebedee

Aliens vs Belfast.
Oct 5, 2011
blah - flags. So many flags.
Wow. I am home. So many people met! I am so sorry I couldn't spend more time with the Chronners but the place was madness. I hope to get a little more time at Titancon. A nice relaxed house with @Juliana @Abernovo @millymollymo was a lovely place to have our 'conwithinacon', and so nice to meet Ju for the first time and catch up with the others!

@Kerrybuchanan , my mucker mate, had a great panel experience and moderated a tricky panel really well. Thoroughly enjoyed that! I got to meet @Tirellan and @Ursa major for the first time and catch up with @chrispenycate but not for long enough! @J-WO was also met, amazingly, for the first time.

Award for person-who-most-enjoyed-Worldcon goes, for sure to @SPoots who had an absolute blast. It was so lovely to introduce my Northern Irish spec friends to my Chronner friends and see everyone mix along very happily and make new friends.

Have I missed anyone from the list? I'm not sure. If I have, I'm really sorry. It's been a long few days. The bar across the road served until 4 am and seemed to be party-central in Dublin, so sleep deprivation is hitting for sure.

I had four great panels with the first and last being the most memorable, especially the last which was the most entertaining panel Ive had the pleasure to be on for a long time, and passionate. I was given inspiration for a new story when a taxi driver suggested I (and anyone else with my background) go home to a Scotland I've never come from....), I met old friends and new. I drank too much coffee and less buckfast than @Abernovo (I tried to get a pic but they were too quick in handing the bottle back!) I have both new inspiration and plans, and much to reflect on - which is all in a good way. In short, it was great. x

Next up, Eurocon!