Chrons Dublin and Belfast cluster meet -2019

Jo Zebedee

Aliens vs Belfast.
Oct 5, 2011
blah - flags. So many flags.
I'm guessing this one is down to me and @Kerrybuchanan to do a formal meet and greet! I know several Chronners are thinking of heading over.

The events:

Worldcon 15-19 August

Dublin 2019: Official Website for the 77th World Science Fiction Convention

Eurocon 22-24 August

TitanCon Belfast

Dublin and Belfast are about 100 miles apart with a good road between them. There are also buses - and there will be buses for the convention in my understanding- and a train every 3 hours which takes 2 hours. Both have international and domestic airports/airlines

What I'm proposing is we have a Chrons get together in Dublin and in Belfast (which will be the smaller I assume). Date to be formalised nearer the time to allow for any members on panels/helping out etc etc.

For now: expressions of interest, indicating which/both events you would be interested in, and any questions.

Let's make this a rocking Chrons get together!
I'll be there, should be for both. Perhaps penniless, considering how much this is probably going to cost, but there.

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