Explorations War is out!


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Jul 24, 2008

Explorations War is now out, and is only 0.99 for another week

The battle for Sol is now

The sphere ship gave Earth knowledge of the universe, but it came with a warning to stay away from the Star. After losing two children to the First Contact Federation, Empyrean sends a fleet of plasma ships and allies to Sol. Their one mission: to destroy humanity.

Can Earth defend itself against the imminent threat, or will they be destroyed so soon after starting to explore the universe around them?

Join many of today's top indie science fiction authors as they each write a story about the battle for Sol in the most ambitious shared-universe collection to date.

Prologue - Nathan Hystad
Nine Thousand Seconds to Earth - Robert M. Campbell
Field of Fire - Ralph Kern
A Million Points of Light - C.C. Ekeke
Friendly Fire - C. Gockel
The Hand of Empyrean - Scott Moon
Minimum Safe Distance - Scott McGlasson
The One Who Waits - Scarlett R. Algee
Shot in the Dark - Richard Fox
The Path to War - Josh Hayes
The Last Battle - Jay Allan
Epilogue - Nathan Hystad

Buy it HERE

This was a really fun book to work on, and it's the first time I've put my own writing into one of my Woodbridge Books. Although I do only write the prologue and epilogue :)
Thanks Brian. The next one is due out in October!!

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