In Memory

Susan Boulton

The storyteller
Mar 15, 2006
"The two men stood in a funk hole, their backs against the sodden, foul smelling Flanders clay. Their rough shelter was cut into the side of a trench between the mud-cemented, rotting remains of a Yorkshireman – long considered just part of the scenery – and a rusting sheet of corrugated steel. An oilcloth pegged into position above their heads with bayonets acted as both roof and door. " Hand of Glory - by - Susan Boulton.

In memory of the real George Adams, who served in the Shropshire Light Infantry 1914-1919 and finally died of his wounds, (damaged lungs due to exposure to gas.) in 1954.

He served all through the 3rd Battle of Yypes, better known as Passchendaele. Today is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of that battle. Please spare a moment to remember at some point to day
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With the passing of our WW1 and 2 veterans, we are in danger of forgetting the lessons learned.

May we honor and remember them, and recall why.

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