Launch week! Waters and the Wild

Congratulations Jo! Hope the book is a smashing success. (I couldn't spare 2 hours to listen to BBC Ulster, but I loved the Irish accent of the host.)
Ah, that was more manageable. But as an American "I had ta stain a wee bit ta undastand, don'tch know."
Nice interview, Jo. I continue to be impressed at your work ethic in securing all these gigs considering you're unagented. It shows it can be done with a bit of elbow grease.

Which is a good thing since no agent, anywhere, seems interested in me. :D (I suspect they have me classed as small-publisher material, which is fine and dandy since I'm happy where I am anyhow)

But, yeah, I have loads going on for this. I have another radio interview tomorrow, I just got a lovely call out in Culture NI, I have some magazine stuff due, it looks like there'll be a bookstore event, and book groups and all sorts. And, to be clear, as you say - pretty much all of this I have dredged up myself just by asking, and being cheeky, and asking again, and pleading.

Oh, and networking. Women Aloud over here has been fab for that - the arts council know me now (and, thanks to Lottery and Arts Council funding the book I'm currently gnashing over the first chapter of has already paid me more than any other and made writing a bit more sustainable), I have lecturing work and got a couple of events at the Belfast book festival (and an invite to the Dublin one but I'm on a much-needed holiday at that point. And yes, I was still tempted to haul my ass down to Dublin an hour after getting home for it, but even I recognised that was pushing things a bit much...), some conventions in the autumn...

It can be done, people! Ask. Keep asking. Build. And repay every favour you get - retweet others' stuff, call them out (I gave @HareBrain 's a plug this morning on another forum etc), help when you're asked. It can be done. Honest. :)

Actually here's the Culture Ni piece. Some good stuff in this (and it was a nice surprise to be included!)

10 Northern Ireland Holiday Reads
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Good luck with the launch, Jo. I think the book works well as horror, too - for me at least it has that feel, kind of like an Irish Mothman Prophecies.
Jo, you are doing really well getting interviews for your book. And the picture was lovely.
And in the interest of shameless self promo can I point out that the introductory discount on the ebook ends in about 5 hours.

I have some reviews here

Waters and the Wild

And the book is here:


As the awesome Peadar O'Guilin put it: you need it. So read it.

(And on that note, the support has been so awesome for this book. Some of it from writers and readers I've met along my writing journey, some of it from the beta readers - including @Kerrybuchanan @Suzanne Jackson @Mouse @Juliana @alchemist @HareBrain - those who took review copies, those hosting blogs - @thaddeus6th - those interviewing me - Peat - and those too many to mention who supported and called out.)

Oh and cover blurbs! @chopper @Teresa Edgerton
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