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Jan 2, 2008
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Katherine Kerr (Deverry Cycle, Polar City Blues, Nola O'Grady series and Sorcerer series plus other books) is now on Patreon.
Katharine Kerr is creating Fantasy and science fiction novels and stories | Patreon
Depending on your subscription level, you get access to various things - including new Deverry material

As she explains:
Yes, my author photo there looks a little grim. Here's why. Six years ago, my much-loved husband developed early-onset Alzheimer's dementia. As you can probably guess, this turned our lives upside-down. My writing career first faltered, then ground to a halt while I desperately tried to take care of him myself. Didn't work -- we now have a full-time live-in caregiver while I try to get my writing back on track. Our primary caregiver, VJ, is wonderful but he isn't cheap, just worth every penny.

Thanks to the high cost of medical care in the USA, I have spent all of our savings over the past 3 years. (We own a house, just enough property to fail to qualify for any kind of government assistance.) I have all the usual bills plus a big lawyer's bill from filing for the conservatorship over our finances that allows me to pay them. We live in a shabby area of the San Francisco Bay Area, where costs are high. I now have three people and two cats to feed. I need help doing it, plain and simple. As much as it gripes me to admit it, I cannot take care of everyone as well as myself on my own.

What I want to do is get my writing career back on track. I have a contract for a new book in the Deverry universe. I also want to write more short fiction. In the meantime, however, those bills make it hard to concentrate. I spend about $300 a week on food, basics, and utilities, plus even more on medical expenses. My current income falls short. Any help I can get is very very welcome. And thank you all very much."

Thought I'd highlight this to you all in case you'd like to become Patrons to her.

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