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Jul 13, 2006
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Doctor Who Official on Twitter

The BBC Doctor Who Twitter has just posted this tweet. It contains a video which is a big old teaser for the revealing of the 13th Doctor. It doesn't have much that much to it, just a lot of 13s. BUT it does tell us when we find it says at the end of the video it will be on Sunday 16th July, after the Men's Wimbledon Final.

I think I want to avoid it, and not know who the new Doctor is until the actual Christmas episode. This may be completely impossible, considering my internet habits. And I know what I'm like, there'll probably come a point where I'll just have to know.

Anyway, not long to wait to find out!
It's very difficult to avoid discovering things that everyone is talking about (I had to wait six weeks until The Force Awakens came to Stornoway, by which time the entire world had seen it *and* ceased refraining from posting spoilers, but I managed)
Good luck, and don't watch any BBC telly at all.
I thought he had already been revealed months ago as that guy from.... ...not that I want to spoil, but there was a thread here already an' all! Was that just a rumour? Seemed as if he didn't deny it. If it isn't him, then it was a nice shell game fast shuffle from the BBC.
I'd rather avoid it. I'd rather not know Peter Capaldi or Pearl Mackie were leaving (I wouldn't have known the latter if I'd avoided this part of the forum). The Radio Times had a "spoiler-free" preview of the penultimate episode of the recent series that started with:

"There are several big moments in this macabre, darkly humorous and gorgeously realised opening to the two-part finale, as the Master and the Mondasian Cybermen return, says Paul Jones"

I had no idea the Master and the Cybermen were returning. And then after that bit it said:

"This preview of Doctor Who: World Enough and Time contains references to elements of the episode that have already been officially revealed by the BBC but no major spoilers beyond that."

So it's not spoiler-free is it, you idiots?!
This may be completely impossible
This IS completely impossible, unless you want to lock yourself away completely until the Christmas episode is shown.

But does the actor's identity really matter? It isn't a plot point.

The fact that we know that the Doctor will be played by someone else is the actual spoiler... and we've known that since we found out that Capaldi was leaving and the show was continuing.
Not sure how I feel. The doctor has always been male I've never visualised anything else. However we have been made aware that time Lords aren't gender specific. I really hope this works.
I've got no problem with it being a woman. Unfortunately though at this point I feel that instead of a warranted selection based on ability that it's been enforced political correctness.

The change should have been made when Matt Smith left as a plot device as part of the new set of generations.

It's not going to stop me watching. She's a damn good actress. I just feel disappointed.

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