Please help: looking for book(s)


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Jul 11, 2017
I believe this is a trilogy of books with the third either having been published in the past year or maybe about to be published. I remember a government conspiracy about *maybe* an asteroid impacting the earth but after a failed attempt at deflecting it from a moon based tractor beam, one of the moon inhabitants turned the tractor beam on the moon and destroyed it. There was a female scientist on earth who had to leave her father behind but was in a time bubble. Not sure if it was called a chromosphere... but could have been chronosphere.

Any help is appreciated.

You don't mean a "bobble" (stasis bubble)? In which case you're looking at Vernor Vinge - The Peace War and Marooned in Real Time. There is a third book in the series but I haven't read it.

Cheers, Greg.

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