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Jul 24, 2008
For the first time since December, The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel is on in the US and the UK for 0.99 for a few days. It has @TheDustyZebra @Phyrebrat @thaddeus6th @Dan Jones @Venusian Broon @Victoria Silverwolf @Hex and @Mouse along with some other great authors!

“A pleasantly eerie collection by some young authors whose careers we’ll definitely have to follow.” – Joe Mynhardt, Crystal Lake Publishing

"It’s just good, shivery comfort reading for fans of classic horror." Josh Black - Cemetery Dance Online

13 Rooms. 13 Guests. 13 Stories.

It's been over a hundred and fifty years since a plague ravaged the area around Lake Manor. With few left to bury them, the corpses were unceremoniously dumped into the lake by their surviving loved ones.

Years later, Lake Manor Hotel is alive with the shadows of the dead. Within the hotel's 13 rooms, there are 13 tales to tell. Guests will face evil demons, ghosts, creatures from the lake, and the worst monsters of all: the ones within themselves.

13 will check in, but how many will check out?

This collection features some of the brightest talent in the horror industry. They each tell a story of a character staying in Lake Manor Hotel. You won't want to miss this exciting anthology with a twist.

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