The Pincers of Death - out October the 7th!

  1. Toby Frost

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    Jan 22, 2008
    The Pincers of Death, the sixth book about Space Captain Isambard Smith, will be out on the 9th of October.

    Once again, Isambard Smith takes to the skies to dish out justice and civilise the galaxy. But this time, he's got his sights on the greatest prize of all: Ghast Number One, the self-proclaimed glorious leader of the ant-people. If he can bring down the dictator, the Ghast Empire will surely fall.

    It won't be easy, though. Alien space fleets, brutal gladatorial combat and even five-a-side sports fixtures stand between Smith and his quarry. And even then, he will face his toughest challenge yet: defeating a legion of bio-engineered soldier ants fanatically devoted to Number One - the dreaded Pincers of Death!

    The artwork is currently being drawn (I've seen a sketch and it's amazing) and I am correcting the typos as we speak. If you're really keen and want to order a copy, you can do so here:

    Pincers of Death by Toby Frost (Paperback)

    Pincers of Death by Toby Frost | Waterstones

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