How Many of These 50 US Indie Bookstores Have You Visited?

Just Powell's for me, but then I've only been outside of California a few times in my adult life, and the last time I was in Los Angeles was probably thirty years ago.
Just goes to show you can't photograph a decent bookstore - if you can step back far enough to get any type of overview, you've backed into more books. If this is not the case, they're short of books, and what kind of reputation is that?

And no, I haven't. Though I have visited most of the states, and no few of the cities, I was occupied, and could only grab books in whichever stores were close to the hotel.

And the union crew started complaining that the 'books' flightcase was as heavy as the Hammond organ.
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Although not in the list I would recommend a few Boston bookstores such as Commonwealth Books, Brookline Books and the Brattle Bookstore. Whilst on vacation in Boston a few years back I drove my wife mad with the amount of time I spent browsing in the above mentioned stores amongst others.

We needed another case for all the books I purchased plus the airline charges. Worth the cost though.
Not USA but North America: there are some spiffing independent/ used bookshops in Vancouver and Toronto.

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