Juno shows mass of cyclones at Jupiter's poles


Is it Safe?
Jul 4, 2007
Birmingham, England
QUOTE - "Juno has revealed monstrous cyclones churning over Jupiter’s poles that are more turbulent than scientists expected. The $1.1bn spacecraft spotted the chaotic weather at the top and bottom of Jupiter once it began skimming the cloud tops last year, surprising researchers who assumed the giant gas planet would be relatively boring and uniform."

Quite frankly I am surprised and bewildered they would be so naive into thinking this planet would be "boring!" GRS aside, Jupiter has revealed so many amazing "freaks" of Nature over the years, that it is by far one of the least stable planets in the SS

The "Shoemaker–Levy 9 Comet" impact of 1992, threw open a whole swathe of new and dramatic findings that astronomers and scientists never imagined because they too thought the planet was relatively benign other than for the GRS of course.

Well done, Juno, for revealing a few more secrets, and adding a few hundred more questions about the formation of our Solar System and its family of far from bland planets!


Mad Mountain Man
Jun 29, 2010
Scottish Highlands
You know, looking at this, what I find extraordinary is the way the different constituents of Jupiters atmosphere manage to remain so distinct when they are being constantly churned and mixed up in this way. Instinctively I'd have expected them to appear much more homogenous like Neptune.

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