Doors of Stone

Pedro Del Mar

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Mar 18, 2010
Darwen Tower
Hi all,

I've recently picked up the first two books in the Kingkiller Chronicles but haven't started the series yet.

It's a longshot but are there any suggestions as to when the third and final part may be released?

The reason I ask is because since beginning ASOIAF I'm now loath to begin a new series that isn't finished.


I haven't heard anything for a long time. The last update I was aware mentioned that Pat was scrapping a big part of Doors of Stone and rewriting.

Strap yourself in for the long haul.
Ahhh yes, the good old days of SFF, when we had to wait with bated breath and pray that neither we nor the author died before a series was completed!

*Gives Robert Jordan the side-eye*

The kids of today, don't know what they're missing with all these regular, scheduled releases! :D
Wait, it has a title? That's a start! I give up. Book one came out like 10 years ago! Does he write one word a day?
Rothfuss is the Stanley Kubrick of writing - Kubrick made Tom Cruise walk through a door over a hundred takes in the wonderful Eyes Wide Shut - Rothfuss writes half the book the rewrites it... Then rewrites it... Then rewrites it. You get the picture :D
I am laughing at this, but its been seven years, whats a few more? I'll keep waiting for the third book, and the others it seems. I've been curious how he was going to wrap up this epic in one more book, which had so many threads still unanswered or not even explored yet.

I wonder if he turned in book three already, and it was a tad too long...


"Patrick, we might need to break this up a bit."
Patrick is very busy listening to people tell him what a wonderful writer he is. Telling people if the wrote more like him their writing would improve. Sitting on panels explaining why his new book isn't done. Hosting work shops for people who actually want to write. Making videos on how to pronounce names in his first 2 books. Playing table top RPGs (over the internet).

With all that on his plate and all the work he puts in maintaining his beard, he has very little time left to write.
Didn’t I hear that Rothfuss and GRRM are best buds? Anyone else reckon they’ve already tried swapping manuscripts for a month or so in an attempt to get over their blocks?
So is this the new publishing model? A bunch of amateurs make submissions, 99 per cent earn nothing and 1 per cent earn enough for the writer to faff around for the next 10 years barely writing?

Call me old-fashioned, but there's something to be said for the traditional approach to authoring novels where writers could put out a book or two a year and earn a decent middle-class income. But only if they were professional and actually sat down at the desk every day and treated it like a real job. Can you imagine a Michael Moorcock, C.J. Cherryh, or David Gemmell writing only three books in 15 years?
I have heard rumblings of a tv adaptation. Maybe that is why they are holding off on publishing the final book???
LRM Online says maybe August 20, 2020. They cite both Amazon and Book Depository as having the same UK release date.
See the update. Book Depository is owned by Amazon. So it isn't saying much.
Also. The release states Aug, 20, 2020.
But if I take a look now on is says: Aug. 17, 2017.
The date is meaningless and will likely soon change in Aug, 21, 2021. Or be removed completely (EDIT: as it is already on That at least will bring clarity.

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