Poor Authors...

Gary Compton

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Jul 8, 2007
Authors are always complaining that they don't get paid enough and I agree!

Everybody and their dog are taking a cut!

So for most ongoing launches I intend to try something different. First 4 weeks of an ebook will be exclusive the the Tickety Boo website. Price will be the normal that we set for Amazon.

Now if we can encourage readers to buy from there, it means the the 30% that Amazon take will now come into our coffers.

So here's the deal: for those sales my intention is to pass on Amazon's share to the authors 100% as well as their normal royalty and at the end of the month when received, because we have the money I will make a special payout.

I have setup the system so delivery of the Mobi or the epub is automated. Customers will still be able to leave reviews etc.

Of course at the end of the 4 weeks it goes on Amazon and in KDP so nothing lost. Those exclusive 4 weeks can be spent promoting: and at least an author knows if they do good sales, they get a bonus.

So I'm wondering about what you guys think?
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Amelia Faulkner

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May 19, 2017
London, UK
I think that's a stellar idea. The key will be in driving customers toward your website.

When you say KDP, do you mean KDPS, whereby you then have to stop hosting the files yourself? Or are you non-exclusive with Amazon and able to continue selling through the Tickety Boo site?

Nick B

author Nick Bailey, formerly Quellist.
Feb 13, 2014
Nice idea. Make sure you let us all know about releases early, I'll happily promote.