Alien: The Coloring Book


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May 27, 2013

Yes, it's a real thing. Published by Titan and widely available. :ROFLMAO:
Yes, it's a real thing. Published by Titan and widely available.

I saw this in ScifiNow adverts and smiled as this another proof that adult colouring books are the next big thing. I bought Mrs Ctg Terry Pratchett and Alice in Wonderland colouring books last Christmas and she absolutely loved it. I doubt she would love this.
Adult colouring books were huge best sellers last year at Christmas. I heard that they were keeping some bookshops afloat, but then more recently News reports said that people were turning from electronic books back to traditional publishing, and that non-fiction was very popular. Can anyone tell me, is this classed as non-fiction? That would explain a few things. o_O
Can anyone tell me, is this classed as non-fiction?

Maybe. I just didn't buy those books because it was her long time wish, but because I wanted to see if they can help her brain to recover from all those horrible incidents that has been going for past few years. The results were surprising and really promising. Besides the thing I believe it's really good thing to pass time, because it will allow you to express yourself and show your creativity. Also what I noticed was that as an adult you'll put down the colour carefully instead of slapping around just for sake of it.

I have since the Christmas bought two additional colouring books and I am thinking about getting the Alien one for myself. I used bookdepository instead amazon or walking in stores (as I couldn't see them selling any) and they were very good.
King Kong chewed people in his mouth and killed hundreds.
It was a horror film originally but by the 1960s he was showing up as a children's cartoon show.

Kenner replicated and sold an Alien toy in anticipation of the release of the movie. Apparently they didn't realise at the time that it would have an X (18) certificate, which meant that the vast majority of their intended market wouldn't/shouldn't have any idea what it was.

I remember a friend getting it for their birthday, and us friends were very jealous because it was very cool.

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