Expedition Cover Reveal


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Aug 19, 2013
Hello folks,

I'm very proud to give a sneak peak of Expedition's cover.

I think Tom has excelled himself with this one.


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I missed this somehow. Very nice! Another Tom Edwards I assume?
Hmm. I think I'd have gone with your version Ralph, it has a certain mystery to it!

Looking forward to it, Unfathomed was superb.
Just caught up with this. Another terrific cover, Ralph. Well done. And a fantastic story as well.
I mostly like it but.....

The right hand ship looks like it is hovering above the water slightly - is that intentional?
I think it is something about the way the wake is done.

To me the thing as a whole is rather dark and brown which makes it harder to see all the detail, especially at ordinary book cover size. Since you've got lots of detail, its a bit of a shame that it doesn't come across more.

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