Rick and Morty

Season Four is out. I've seen episodes 1 & 2. It always amazes me how fast the show is, and how many jokes, tropes and references they can throw in, all of them not yet done before.
You could teach a masters course by dissecting Rick and Morty episodes
I absolutely love Rick and Morty

but sadly, I think it's run its course. There just isn't any more room for growth really and as much as I love the episodes, they just don't offer anything new. The show definitely plateaued and they just have nowhere else to go.

Agreed. First two seasons were great, then it took a huge nosedive in quality with the occasional great moment. I think the metamodern schtick has worn off and its constant self-reference / deconstruction is beginning to cross over into whatever the show equivalent of narcissism is. It's all a bit smug and tiresome. I think they've gone as far as the characters / premise / kernel can take them.
I remember catching a bit of it years ago and thought it was silly from the couple minutes of it I saw. At the time I had no idea it had adult humor in it. I eventually gave it a chance and now I'm hooked. It has a manic, life-giving energy to it that I can't get enough of.
Finishing up on season 5, which i think is a return to form. Very funny and a lot of really good Science Fiction ideas.
So, anyone watching season 6? (Which Netflix claims is Season 4 and which the first episode also references by having Rick say that Morty has "******-**" up the first episode of season four.")

I'm not finished them all, but I think the quality is still there. The whole family seem to be involved in interdimensional travel and meeting aliens now. It also self-references a great deal, so it isn't something you could come to watch and understand without having seen earlier episodes. There is a Fantasy episode with a take on Dragons, and a 'breaking of the fifth wall' episode.

Edit: Err... forget what I said. Netflix does have 6 seasons and I've only seen 3 or 4 apparently, so I have a lot more to watch. Which must be a good thing.
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How old are the family? It's quite strong stuff!
There's a lot of Science Fiction, but the humour is very adult. I'd watch one or two and see how you feel.

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