Spatterjay effect on humans

Danny McG

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Sep 9, 2016
Cumbria UK
I'm curious about the effect of the Spatterjay virus on a human with an unlimited food supply.
I know when Pradors can eat their fill they end up mutated but stronger and smarter.
However the only references for humans are 'short of food' so you get a Skinner type with a leech head. Alternatively 'undergoes terrible and inhumane treatment in captivity' so you get an Old Captain.

Was just wondering what a human who could eat his fill with no stress would end up as
I'm not sure it is all the old captains who suffered particularly; the ones who did are just the most likely to have a good story for Mr Asher to tell. The virus, once contracted, would serve to heal as it does, sustaining life, in a human who had a constant supply of 'normal' human food and safe surroundings. Though over such lifespans it would be difficult to avoid any instance of trauma, it couldn't really have any effect on the action of the virus.

It is mentioned that immortality can be purchased on Spatterjay from a local with a captive eel. One bite and you are infected. The virus then goes about its business creating the mycelial fibres that cause the flesh of 'victims' to, over time, lose the ability to bleed, and heal at a much increased rate. It will continue to do this in any infected human after leaving Spatterjay.

Just bumping this. Having read The Soldier, The Warship and am currently on The Human. There are two old Captain's in the series, Cogulous Hoop (Brother to Jay Hoop), and Trike.

Trike allows his insanity to get the better of him and mutates by the end of the The Warship. He does seem to still have his personality and conscience intact so he's not a monster like The Skinner was.

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