I am Purple


Cat whisperer
Nov 23, 2011
Sitting in the sun (between the rain storms)
A bit of a strange day today, good stuff and bad. One of our hens had a run-in with a local predator (probably a fox) and she got away. Lots of feathers lost and some torn skin, which I have sprayed with antiseptic - after dark, by lamp-light, because otherwise I can't catch her.

The antiseptic has a dye added so that you know where it went. Funnily enough, there are two main flavours I know of. The posh stuff, the antibiotic spray, is green.

We use SeptiClense which has a purple dye. So now our hen is purple. And so am I, because the damn stuff gets everywhere, and as I stared at my hands, my mind shifted to B5, and Drazi, because now I am Purple.

A very strange day.

Time for a re-watch.