A ring for Mars!

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    Some clever boffin has worked out the history of the moons, Phobos and Deimos in their time around Mars. Turns out Phobos is the remnant of a ring system, which was the result of a moon being disintegrated. This moon-ring-moon cycle seems to have happened several times. More details at http://gizmodo.com/mars-might-have-had-a-kickass-big-moon-instead-of-two-t-1793448182

    Note: This isn't the only moon in the Solar System that'll disintegrate. Seems it's more like a run of the mill hazard for moons.
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    Except for our Moon, which is heavy metals. It may be towed off for scrap some day, but won't be disintegrating anytime soon.
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    The most spectacular example will be Triton. Because it's in a retrograde orbit, said orbit is decaying. It won't happen for another 3.6 billion years, however; two things about that future date are:

    1. There won't be any people there to see it - not humans anyway. 3.6 billion years of evolution, probably affected by technology, is a LONG time and, in any case, the entire solar system will be well on its way to being uninhabitable. Earth most certainly.

    2. It is completely impossible to know what's going to happen to the Solar System at or slightly (astronomically!) before that date. Why? This date is around the beginning of the collision between the Andromeda galaxy and ours. Much chaos, up to and including the new combined galaxy turning into a quasar for a while.
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