Adding writers blogs to the magazine?


Feb 12, 2007
I am thinking about adding a section on Kraxon Magazine for writers blogs. Not for people to write blogs specifically for the magazine, but rather re-publishing the first few hundred words of your blogs with a 'Read more' link to your sites. This would be for writers who have stories in the magazine for the blog to be linked to their author profile.

If you take a look at the magazine section you will get an idea of the length I'm thinking about - approximately 200 words.
Magazine - Kraxon Magazine

What do you think about the idea? and would you be likely to participate?
I think it's a good idea and I would participate provided I was still able to post the content on jozebwrites as well.

I'm not looking for exclusive content. The snippets could be added to the magazine a few days after they appear on your blogs.
Sounds good :)
Ive only posted one sentence in the last two years on mu blog, so... Might not be for me...
Ive only posted one sentence in the last two years on mu blog, so... Might not be for me...

This is a key issue with blogs. So if you're publishing links to blogs do yourself and the authors a favour and check them yourself before approving them. Ensure that the blog has regular and recent activity. That doesn't mean posts every hour; but it means that the author is using the blog productively and its not abandoned or only getting a token post because you're going to link to it.

Nothing is worse than linking to dead blogs (unless linking to a very specific post of course). It gives a bad impression of the author and of your publication.
I am thinking of writing a piece about the importance of small publishers (online and hard copy), to the publishing industry. All yours if you want it. ( be in a few weeks or so) eta. Actually I suppose the best way will be through a link. It'll be a pretty detailed article, with quotes from those in the biz, facts n figures etc, so would probably be too big for a direct posting onto Kraxon. (Plus it may be further down the line, time wise).
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If you're not looking for exclusivity of any form, then count me in. You know where my blogs lurk.

Just a heads up - when I clear my current list of writing projects, I'll be putting together a self-published thingy on the techie stuff I've put on my blog that I hope is worth sending out further e.g. how to design artificial gravity (which resulted from me doing a critique of a friend's writing and something just feeling wrong about the gravity in the scene... see Engineering Artificial Gravity ...O.K. so I have warped mind!).
I haven't done any blogging yet myself (full time job gets in the way a bit), but I like the idea. Maybe this might encourage me to try it out.

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