Writing contest - 48 Hour Flash Fiction 2017

According to the website, over 2000 writers are taking part.

On an even playing field that's less than a half of 0.1 percent of winning. Of course the writers here are of a superior quality...
I'm at the midway point of my story. Coming in at 938 words, so I guess I'm right on target. My fear is, as slow as I'm going, I'll have little time to edit!

But, gosh darn it, the race is on!!

I ... uhh ... haven't got a clue yet. I stared at it last night and finally had to go to bed, when of course ideas came along and I wrote notes by the bed, and I just got up and have to go to a wedding shower now. Later it is.
Just finished mine and waiting on my better half to give it a read through. Currently sitting at just under 1600 words.
It might be that it is 2000 writers who registered. We'll see how many actually submit something.

Mind you, that is a heck of a lot of titles, dialogue and optional science for someone - the judges? - to come up with.
I know that the optional science has repeats, because two or maybe three of the shortlisted stories on the site from last year had the same idea. Different dialogue and titles.
Do you have ellipses or dashes with spaces on both sides? That can save you a bunch, running them together.
I'm still waiting on readers to show up and tell me if I suck. Something like five hours to go, but I won't be up that late.

Yeah. It's 1:30am here, or I'd have my reader check it out. I can't wait too long; I'm sure to fall asleep soon!
According to the website, over 2000 writers are taking part.

At last acknowledgment of what I am!


What do you mean standard marketing blurb?

It's not. I'm one of the 2000. That must mean I'm a writer.

Who's deluded?
Are you writing? Then you're a writer. :D And almost certainly one of less than 2000, since not everyone will turn something in.

I'm close. Waiting on my last feedback before calling it a wrap.
I got an immediate response saying my entry was received.

Then my Internet went out for about half a hour or so.
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