Writing contest - 48 Hour Flash Fiction 2017

I've just registered for this, thanks for sharing Biskit. (y)
Awesome, thanks! I'm in the NYC Midnight one that does the same thing but charged me $50, so free is good!
I'm in, too! Too bad the prizes are not transferable, because if I won (not overly likely, but I like to plan for the best outcome) I could give the VIP pass to someone who could go. :)
Ready to rumble! It's a 24hr challenge for me, with work and such, so I need to hit the start line warm!

Best of luck guys and gals! :)
I wish I knew something about the judging criteria. I read all of the shortlist/winner samples they had up, and one of them absolutely baffled me. How on earth could someone with so little clue about punctuation possibly get shortlisted? The story didn't seem so powerful as to offset the horrendous writing.
Actually, I just red the first- "White Boy". Horrible. That was a top entry??

Perhaps a friend of the judges?
I've got:

They are quite strong so you might want to just take one for now.
Science (optional) 3D printed human body parts are possible - muscle, veins, bone. They don't HAVE to be 'conventional'

Dialogue It isn't unnatural. It is all natural. 100% natural. We just tweaked it a little.

Science (optional) Augmented reality becomes so good we neglect reality, when the system to fails, the decay is revealed.

I had 300+/- words written, realized it wasn't working, and started over. Same idea, but a different direction. I think it's going good, now.

Good Luck!
Are we allowed to post what we've got?

Got my idea and I'm planning on getting to grips with it on Sunday. I just love a deadline :)

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