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That's an easy one as when I read it originally it made me remember the Three Billy Goats Gruff legend which my mum used to scare me with on bridges (not really scare me just fun) and I assume that was one of the legends that Feist used - there is a lot of mythology (particularly Celtic) in this novel. A very weird novel this but one I did really enjoy even if it is not Feists usual fair.

Anyway the bridge is called the Troll Bridge and its where the Bad Thing is imprisoned in the physical world.

:) Thanks for reminding me of a book I had forgotten about.
It's ok Nixie - I don't really do re-reads with a very few exceptions. I probably have it anyway as I do have a lot of Feists. :)

Ok here goes:

The names of the resurrected demons inhabited by the souls of Nakor and Miranda?
Brother Solon :) The mage is called Jazhara I think.

IIRC Brother Solon isn't encountered until they get to Ishaps monastery and start the quest for the Tear.
Ok then I had to wrack my brains for this one.

The name of the Coffee house where Rupert Avery worked?
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Now you've reminded I need to obtain copies of Rise of a Merchant Prince and Shadow of a Dark Queen to complete my Feist collection. I don't know how I've managed to misplace them.

Anyway the coffee shop was Barratt's
Yes the Coffee shop was indeed Barretts.

I always really liked Roo and Erik, they were a lot more human than some of the more powerful protagonists.

Your turn :)
Name the original members of Erik's squad in Shadow of a Dark Queen. Bonus point for anyone naming the replacement member.

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