Destiny's Conflict - Release Date Announced


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Jan 9, 2017
It has now been confirmed that Destiny's Conflict, the penultimate book in the Wars of Light and Shadow series, has a publication date of 7 September 2017.
Now you see it went by and not a peep out of anyone, no questions asked. Destiny's Conflict is actually likely to be released on October 5th, except for maybe the USA where it could be delayed till January.

So less than a month to go and we have the glimpse of the first chapter to look forward to soon as Janny gets her home in order after Irma stormed though.
Well I picked up the trade paperback version from our local bookshop Tuesday night, half way though it now. :)

Unfortunately it does look like the USA fans will not be getting the book locally or from Amazon till next January.

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