Help Looking for a Specific Lovecraftian Book

Markus Zussner

New Member
Jan 27, 2017
Hi I am new to this forum. I am trying to find out the name and Author of a Lovecraft inspired book that I read Decades ago. I cannot remember the title or Author. This may be a stretch, but I can only try. The story is very much like 'At The Mountains of Madness'. A group of scientists along with a security contingency embark on a journey to a mountain at an undisclosed location; kept secret from them until they arrive for security purposes. They rest and stock up at a some sort of desert city location where they pick up their guides for the remainder of the journey. They are also harassed here by a dwarf who tries to sabotage their expedition. They arrive at this mountain and infiltrate it with two APC type vehicles. This can be done as the giant cave structure in the mountain has a path good enough to use these vehicles. They find buildings that are quite large that had obviously been inhabited by large creatures. They are also harassed by flying creatures with membrane wings which their security keeps at bay. Eventually they come across a large underground lake and cross it to the other side with boats where they find amazing structures and buildings (and the dwarf, dead). The team start getting picked off one by one by unseen creatures until there is only one of them left. The end is spectacular in a lovecraft fashion but I can't remember how it ends.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME WITH THIS PLEASE? It's really been bugging me. Thankyou.
It sounds like an interesting story but I can't place it.

Could it have been written by someone like Brian Lumley perhaps ? :unsure: