What Graphic novels and Comic Books Would Like to see Adapted to The Big Screen to Television?

I know it’s so random, but honestly I would really like if the Squirrel Girl comics got made into a movie. I think they have HUGE potential for a comedic Marvel movie-

Well, with continued popularity of Superhero related films. You might get your wish.:unsure::)
DR and Qunich - I'd like to see the mayhem on the screen. Think Deadpool without the self-awareness.
The first Aliens versus Predator comic. It feels so cinematic to read.
I think the Ballad of Halo Jones would relate well to young audiences of today.
Martha Washington [the Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons GN and not the historical person] would work well as a TV series.
It would need a bit of time and room to grow that a 2hr film wouldn't allow.
I would really like to see the Batman: The Court of Owls saga and Batman Who Laughs comic books (even Batman Damned) in theaters, I think these two or three versions would be darker and more adult. I think it would be a new turn for the horror genre.
Well Paper Girls is now a TV series, as is The Sandman. Looks like my wish has been granted. Nice.
I think the mad-scientist webcomic "Narbonic" would make either a great animated series or a big-budget movie trilogy. It's the kind of story where a character can be piloting a giant robot foot across a flying island built by Objectivist hamsters, but it all makes perfect sense /in context/. Sadly, it's so obscure I doubt this'd ever happen.
I desperately wish Johnny the Homicidal Maniac by Jhonen Vasquez would be adapted into a movie. The idea has been floated but ultimately never came to fruition... I think it would make a beautiful animated movie, either 2d animated or stop-motion.