Journeys Cover Reveal


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Jul 24, 2008

Journeys is out February 15th! This cover is one of my favourites I've had the pleasure of dealing with. It is Tom Edwards, who did both Explorations books and did the font work for Heart Blade. He is so talented. This blew my mind when I saw it. I asked for a valley, two suns, birds, three characters walking down a path, with a sword stuck in the ground at the forefront. That guy takes direction well! Known for his SciFi, I think he may start getting more requests for fantasy after this one.

It is up for presale now at 0.99 for the launch. I am looking to push sales to the release dates, but I won't be mad if someone wants to click it now so they don't forget. ;)

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Beautiful cover, looking forward to this!
Very nice cover.

Looking forward to reading this.