Looking for title of scifi. Immortal man lives to see humanity's end at the hands of robots.


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Jan 19, 2017
My mum's been looking for a book she read in her 20s, so it's at least 30+ years old. All she remembers is that the protagonist, a man, has been alive since time began, has lived through it all and goes on to see how it would end.

Technology gets over-powering and the book ends with what's left of humanity locked up in cages, naked and hungry and aggressive. Robots drop in food and let people fight over it.

Might or might not have the words "Son of.." in the title.

Thanks a bunch!
Here's a list of possible matches; it's not too long.

Do let us know if your mother recognizes the title, or if you can provide any other clues. Sometimes even the smallest detail or vaguest half-memory is enough for someone to make the match.
Not sure about this - a long time ago I read son of man but I can't remember bad robots at the end of it. Now i got to look it up to check!
I downloaded this and read through it once more ( weird new age and strange sex and fake hippy speak, really can't believe I read this tripe years and thought it was good!!) and I can confirm there are no evil robots keeping mankind caged... the search continue
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It reminds me in a lot of ways of "I have no mouth and I must scream" by Harlan ElliSON

Last remnants (five survivors) being tormented by the evil alternative to Skynet known as 'AM'. It has given immortality to the last one but also warped his body to increase his agony. Prior to that it was keeping them trapped inside its labyrinth of tunnels and getting them desperate for food including having them so starving they ate worms
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