Chronicles of Empire (books) trailer music

Brian G Turner

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Nov 23, 2002
I listen to a lot of film soundtrack and film trailer music, and some of it especially helps inspire my thinking on the Chronicles of Empire series.

However, there's a track for each book in the main arc that I often listen to, and imagine I'm watching a trailer.

This helps me imagine scenes, dialogue - and especially the emotional impact I'm aiming for in that book.

Some are full tracks, but others I listen to a specific excerpt. Here they are, just in case you're interested. :)

1. Gathering - Freedom Fighters by Two Steps from Hell

(Full track)

2. Awakening - Journey to the Line by Hans Zimmer

Start at 2:51 and finish at 5:05.

3. Founding - Invictus by The Immediate

(Full track)

4. Crusaders - Aesir by Two Steps from Hell

(Start at 0:33 and finish at 3:06)

5. Battlelords - We Will Rock You by VonLichten + Queen

(Full track)

6. Empire - Titan Dune by Two Steps from Hell

(Full track)


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