End of the world films, tonight (12-26) on TCM.


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Dec 23, 2011
8 PM: Omega Man: good, but the Vincent Price version is my favorite.

10 PM: World, Flesh, & Devil: 2 men & one woman; conflict inevitable

!!:45 PM: On The Beach: No singing or dancing for the top hat guy!

2:15 AM: Five: never heard of it, before; just might watch it.

4:15 AM: No Blade of Grass: never heard of it, before; just might watch it.

TCM schedule 2016-12-26
The Price Version id alot closer to Richard Matheson's novel.:)

Beneath the Planet of the Apes :)
I never read the novel, but I heard about it. Thanks, BAYLOR.

So, I watched No Blade of Grass the other day, and it was definitely not made in USA! I know it was the UK, but anyway, one thing I definitely did not expect to see was
A midwife's view of a birth! :confused::eek:
So, anyway, I thought it did a fair job of showing the madness that would occur if tens of thousands of people were fleeing a city.
Though, nowhere as well as was depicted in the remake of WoW! Yet, the army had put up roadblocks, and people feared nerve gas, because the Chinese had gassed city dwellers so the 'important' folks could survive. There was anarchy, motorcycle gangs marauding, raping, killing; others kill or be killed. The whole thing started with a disease that killed grass and other plants. Starvation was feared. Not a bad post-apocalyptic film.

As I had already seen the 1st 3 films, I did record them, but in SD, because I wanted only to run the TCM guy's comments both before & after. Also watched FIVE, which along with the World, Flesh, & Devil had a racial strife component,
because one of the few survivors was a black man, another, a young white woman. One of the white guys in 5, was clearly racist. He came along after the 1st 4 (3 men, 1 woman), had been working together to survive. I do not recall if the World, Flesh, & Devil had a white racist, though there was strife with the 2 men, black & white & the 1 white woman. I read that it was fairly rare to see it playing down South, as theater owners rejected it. Nobody there wanted to see the black guy kiss the white woman. :speechless:
I was born in 1958, and I do recall seeing two types of water fountain in the primary school, but did not really know anything about why I should hate those other people, or why I was better than they were. I had far more trouble from my own race, than all others combined. Must be the numbers.
Every time I think of The Omega Man, I think of Anthony Zerbe, & then KISS MEETS THE PHANTOM comes to mind. :ROFLMAO:
Heston's pretty decent as the post-apocalypse survivalist. He also looks pretty funny with that big dunce cap on his head!