4.07 Deals With Our Devils

Anushka Mokosh

Matryona Marzanna
Aug 31, 2012
Coulson and Fitz have vanished into thin air. It is implied they were turned into ghosts. The SHIELD Red Shirts attempt to face Eli, but he murders them all by creating carbon spikes out of thin air.

Director seems intent on giving up. Daisy is the only one advocating the stance that they are not dead.

It is revealed that Simmons was taken to study a Terrigenesis cocoon which has been existing for months. It seems to be the same cocoon shown in senator Nadeer's home. It all seems to be a part of that secret deal. And it seems that Director has no intention of recalling her back to the base.

May shows the book to Mack and she wishes to use it, but Director interrupts them and Mack decides to go after the gang which worked with Eli. Mack's constant references to his shotgunaxe are insanely amusing. And Mack goes rogue against Director's wishes. Nobody seems to be willing to play ball with Director.

Fitz and Coulson are shown to be in a sepia coloured space. It seems a roll-back and they notice that May and Mack don't seem to see them. Robbie seems to be in the same state and he witnesses Eli murdering the Red Shirts. Fitz rationalizes that they are in a different dimension though he doesn't know what it is they are in. Fitz spies on Director and finds out all about Director's deal with senator Nadeer who is unwilling to relinquish Simmons.

Robbie seems to be dying in the other dimension and Fitz panics over helping him while Coulson attempts to contact May. The Ghost Rider abandons Robbie and goes into Mack which explains why Mack went rogue. Robbie wants to drag Eli to hell and gets into car with Daisy. The episode takes on a while new level of crazy now. Mack is now the Ghost Rider.

Radcliffe is studying the technology and May shows him the book. Radcliffe refuses to read the book and warns May not to touch it since it is too much for a human mind to bear. May attempts to persuade him otherwise. Radcliffe reveals the truth behind Ada who offers to read the book and she builds a gateway to bring Fitz and Coulson back, but they are being dragged down. They manage to return.

Simmons makes a bit of a breakthrough with the cocoon and calms down the person stuck inside it. The cocoon starts falling away. It is quite nice to see Simmons' human touch at work. She is taken away forcefully just as she establishes contact with the person inside the cocoon.

Mack is going crazy with Ghost Rider power and goes after the gang which was hired by Eli. He reveals his Ghost Rider face to Daisy. Robbie makes a new deal with the Ghost Rider. The Ghost Rider will settle Robbie's score with Eli and Robbie will help him settle all his debts. Seemingly, Ghost Rider takes Robbie to hell with him.

Fitz and Simmons reunite as do May and Coulson. Mack witnesses Robbie's return through the gateway Ada made. He says he knows that Ghost Rider is back together with Robbie and the two decide to settle the score with Eli.

The episode ends with Ada working on something independantly of Holden, a seemingly human brain in the other dimension. She may possibly be after her own humanity now or something may be influencing her from the other side.

The time overlaps int he episode from two dimensions are sometimes a bit hard to follow. One must always remember to rollback a bit whenever we get taken into the other dimension.

Ed Ryder

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Jan 30, 2016
I must admit I'm not enjoying this season as much as the previous ones so far. I guess part of it is that all of the main story threads were tied up last year so they're having to start some new ones, which takes some time. I'm also not particularly taken with the Ghost Rider, and it seems a lot more violent than before (especially the first episode).
Still, sticking with it and hope it will improve. Bring back Bobbi!


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Sep 15, 2007
UK, Yorkshire
It's a shame Bobbi had to leave suddenly, only for the series to which she was going to be cancelled.

Generally liked this episode, with the exception of the needless and obviously-not-that-perilous peril that assailed Coulson towards the end. You don't kill off arguably the single most important character in that sort of manner, so the dramatic tension wasn't raised and the 'threat' seemed silly.

I like Ada. Hope she doesn't end up getting killed heroically.